Terms & conditions

Declaration and acceptance of risks, waiver and obligation of the participant

This Agreement and Participant's Declaration of Acceptance of Risks, Waiver and Obligations (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") is entered  between First Step Fitness Trainings Inc (hereinafter referred to as "FSFT") and me, or my minor child ( hereinafter referred to as "The Participant"), in order to govern my participation in FSFT's activities.

As a participant, I, in my own name or in my capacity as guardian of my minor child, as the case may be, hereby acknowledge and agree that:

• I am physically able to participate in FSFT activities and I have no pre-existing conditions that limit my participation in any physical activity.

• I also agree to consult a doctor to validate my ability to do the physical activities offered by FSFT even before joining FSFT programs, regardless of whether or not there is any known limitation in my physical health;

• The activities offered in the program can be risky, some of which are inherent to the very nature of the activity;

• I freely and voluntarily assume all the risks and dangers inherent in the exercise of the physical activities provided for in the programs offered by FSFT and, therefore my effective participation in FSFT activities, will be entirely at my own risk and peril;

• I understand that FSFT, its directors, officers or employees assume no responsibility for any bodily injury suffered during my actual participation in FSFT's activities;

• I have read carefully and fully understood this Agreement and sign it freely and voluntarily;

• I fully understand that by accepting this Agreement, I WAIVE to bring any recourse, proceedings, claims for any cause of action, of any nature whatsoever, against FSFT, its directors, officers, shareholders and employees in view of my acceptance of risk;

• This Agreement is binding on myself, my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns;