Online fitness coaching for professionals over 40

So, it happened. You told yourself you would never get this out of shape…

No regrets. No more attacking yourself for past fitness “failures.” But today is the day we need to move. Today is the day we act.

Listen up, because I’m about to assign you a fitness mission.

First, though, let’s see if you agree with this… if you don’t, the mission may not be for you:

Fitness over 40 goes beyond flat stomachs and big biceps. Instead, we think bigger.

We use exercise to add regular deposits to your “health pension pot” — the smartest asset to invest in.

Sounds like you take a similar view? 

Great. Watch this short video to find out what your mission is going to be, who I am, and the outcome you’ll enjoy:

I can’t promise this will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. But, what I can say is that I’ve already helped hundreds of 40+ professionals to achieve it. 

See below for a snapshot of testimonials:

What people are saying about this online fitness coaching for 40-60-year-olds?

Do these health problems sound familiar?

Even if you’re well-respected at work and you’re viewed as someone who has it all together, as far as you’re concerned, it sure doesn’t feel that way when it comes to your fitness. 

The guilt you feel every time you step on the scales.
The weak arms. The stiff back. The sore knees.

Whichever of the above you’ve dealt with, the reality is that the aches, pains, and weight gains start to creep up on you once you reach age 40 and beyond. 

They chip away at your self-esteem and then, unfortunately,  your long-term health. 

As a fitness trainer of busy professionals and business leaders for 20+ years, I’ve seen it first-hand way too many times…

You don’t want to be the career high-flyer whose body is a wreck by the time they turn 60 (if they even get there),  as a result of decades of accidental neglect and misuse.

I have the feeling that’s not your story.

You’re going to write yourself a better one.

(MUST-READ) A few words of warning when it comes to fitness for over 40s…

Even if you decide against working with me, please — whatever you do — make sure to avoid these pitfalls if you’re looking for a solid over 40s workout schedule:

⚠️ Don’t try to exercise as if you were a 20-year-old

Sorry to burst your bubble! As a now 45-year-old, I’ll be honest and say I’ve had to adapt my training over the years. 

Besides, fitness isn’t just about weight loss and muscle tone. It’s about joint health and longevity. Workouts need to be thoughtfully tailored to the phase of life that you are in.

⚠️ Don’t over-commit to a diet

In particular, a diet you know you won't be able to sustain within the first few days of trying it out. 

It will only end in tears (and frankly, unhealthy eating habits with late-night snack binges).

⚠️ Don’t do it alone or follow random workouts you find online 

Most people quit working out within the first few months because they don’t have a professional to keep them safe and accountable.

Trust me, you don’t want an injury from a misjudged workout to ruin months of progress.

Why do most fitness programs fall short for 40, 50, and 60-somethings?


Let’s start with the issue of time.

Many types of fitness training are time-intensive. Trainers often ask people to do daily, 90-minute workouts. In most cases, this is impossible for working-age professionals to maintain.

A 20-year-old college student may be able to commit a couple of hours to the gym each day. But a 42 or 57-year-old with a demanding job, a marriage, and a kid or two to look after?

C’mon. That ain’t happening for at least 95% of age 40+ individuals. 


Then, there’s the issue of nutrition. 

Again, I don’t know many 40-60-year olds who have the time to carefully plan out healthy meals for themselves day in, day out.

Nor do I know many that want to be on endless diets, not being able to go out to their favorite restaurants, and having to cut out the foods they love. 


Finally, there’s the issue of motivation and support.

Fitness feels different when your 20s and 30s are behind you. 

You may still want that summer body to show off at the beach. Nothing wrong with that! But, over time, other priorities may emerge like:

  • “I want to keep my body healthy so I can enjoy my hobbies and spend quality time with my family.”
  • “I want to keep my mind sharp at work so I don’t fall behind.”

Yet, the majority of fitness programs don’t actively support or cater to these logical wants and needs. 

Instead, they seem to zone in on melting fat or six-pack abs — and fail to consider the bigger, more meaningful motivations.

Antoine’s Fit40+ training crew — sustainable online fitness coaching for professionals over 40

I’m no fresh-faced 21-year-old myself. I’m 45 with a busy professional and family life.

So, I’ve felt called to dedicate my more recent work as a trainer to helping those in the 40+ age bracket. I want people to prove to themselves that, yes, it is possible to be over 40 and fit.

Let me sum up the four main problems my fitness coaching has solved for 200+ individuals over the age of 40  — and can solve for you too:

➡ Having a lack of time to maintain a consistent workout schedule

➡ Having a lack of motivation or self-belief to get started

➡ Having a lack of support to stay accountable

➡ Wanting to lose weight without dieting

I’ve learned that many don’t have the spare hours to travel to and from a gym. Or, they would simply prefer to work out at home where they can exercise with more focus and comfort.

Taking clients’ feedback on board, I’ve designed an online fitness program that is specifically for those in the 40-69 age bracket.

How the program works:

30-minute weightlifting circuits to get fit and feel well

  • Most of my clients say a lack of time is their major roadblock to exercising. That is why many 40+ professionals don’t go to a gym. These training sessions can all be done at home, with little equipment, and in only 30 minutes.
  • The training sessions we will focus on are short and intense weightlifting circuits done at a fast pace to:

    ✅ Lose fat
    ✅ Build muscle
    ✅ Increase your metabolism
    ✅ Execute movements safely and correctly for optimal results

  • I train with you so we can push and inspire each other, alongside other members of the 40+ community. It creates a supportive and fun environment, both of which are critical for long-term success. You leave a 👍 when you complete the training to keep yourself accountable. Or, if you would prefer not to be too involved with the wider community, you can DM me instead.

x3 new online training sessions per week 

  • With my program, you get access to three 30-minute online fitness sessions per week. 

  • New sessions take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • The training capsules are released in a private Facebook community. 

**If you’re not a fan of Facebook, the best option is to create a private profile that you use for your training only. You will not have to add friends and interact on Facebook itself. If this is a concern for you, please reach out and I will guide you through the process.

Join live sessions or follow along at a time that suits you

  • Sessions go live from 6 to 6:30 am Eastern time. In my experience, clients who train early show up 30% more often. This is because nothing gets in the way when you train first thing in the morning. 

  • Can’t make it at that early time? No problem. Each session is available for 48 hours after it goes live.

+++ Bonuses!

Thinking of joining the program? You’ll access the following bonuses along with the training sessions:


(FREE) Nutrition guidance for weight loss
Estimated value: $150 per month

A core motivation for many 40+ professionals is to lose excess weight. The pounds can build up after years of desk work and unhealthy eating, often as a result of the exhaustion and long hours that come with a stressful career.

Rest assured, you’ll increase your metabolism in my training sessions and will burn calories like never before. To encourage even quicker and more effective weight loss, I give you my no-diet plan. This is called The 8020 Weight Loss System

Each week, I help you implement it so you can lose weight WITHOUT having to commit to miserable diets!

(FREE) Mindset coaching
Estimated value: $150 per month

Creating long-term change is almost impossible without creating habits. And I’m sure you’ll agree, creating habits is a LOT easier when you don’t have to do it alone.

You will benefit from the mindset coaching and support of an experienced trainer who faces the same challenges that you do: 

  • a sometimes hectic life
  • a challenging job
  • kids

Moreover, you will have the support of other people in our over-40 fitness community. Members share their goals and cheer each other on week by week.

(FREE) Answer client questions every week
Estimated value: $100 per month

Naturally, you will have questions that come up along the way. These may be about the training itself. 

Or, they may be related to health and lifestyle beyond fitness.

I set aside time each week to answer these questions in a Q&A capsule. This is to make sure you have clarity on anything you’re not sure about. You’ll be able to navigate any roadblocks and keep moving forward.

What kind of results can I look forward to?

Tempted to put your name down for this get-fit mission? 

To recap, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Benefiting from a sharper mind and better mood thanks to the endorphins that these workouts release

  • Creating habits that not only help you slim down and tone up but also support your physical comfort and well-being 

  • Enjoying your food rather than always worrying that you are eating the wrong things

  • Forming bonds and friendships with fellow 40+ professionals who are working on their fitness

  • Having your partner, family, or coworkers notice your body transform over the next few months

  • Manifesting a new, health-first identity that will stay with you in the decades to come

  • … and let’s not forget, smiling instead of feeling like crap every time you look in the mirror

There are two options, depending on how you feel at this stage.

1) Not sure whether this is for you?

I offer a free 15-minute discovery call if you have any hesitations or questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ section below.

You can get in touch with me on:

📲 514-662-6097

If I’m not able to answer at that time, please send me a quick message or email and I’ll get back to you.

2) Ready to go ahead?

Get started with the Fit 40+ program here.

This will take you to an online cart page, where you’ll see the price and proceed with checkout if you wish.

Remember, this is a risk-free investment in your fitness and health because: 

If you’re not in happy after the 30-day free trial, we cancel the membership and don't charge you for the subscription. No questions asked.


How do I access the Fit 40+ program?

>>> Access the Fit 40+ program now - Try the training for 30 days for free

Trainer bio — Antoine Hamelin

I’m a fitness trainer and author who has been a gym owner since 2008. I’m also a weight loss specialist and have a BSc in Exercise Science from McGill University.

For the past 20+ years, I have worked with people from all walks of life, from the CEO to the professional athlete, from the overweight to the fit, to help them lose weight and reach their health and fitness goals. I have worked with prestigious organizations such as the St. Louis Blues, the University of Montreal Carabins, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

What sets my work apart are the no-nonsense fitness and weight loss strategies that I have used for many years to make exercise both accessible and sustainable for my clients. This isn’t just about fitness, after all. It’s about long-term health and wellbeing. We need to remember that. Fitness after 40 comes with a different set of challenges. I work strategically with my clients to help them overcome any physical or practical challenges that may get in the way of getting (and staying) fit.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the program?

A 12-month membership to the Fit 40+ program costs $84.50 per month. For comparison, that’s the equivalent cost of a single 1-1, in-person training session with a fitness trainer.

Except, in this case, an $84.50 monthly investment provides you with all of these benefits:

  • 12 sessions every month
  • Online community access
  • Nutrition advice
  • Mindset support

Why is the membership 12 months?

Your fitness mission isn’t completed in one month. It’s a commitment that you make to develop healthy exercise and nutrition habits you can maintain long-term. This is the key to real progress and exactly what FIT40+ does for you, without you needing to go on a crazy diet.

I'm so confident you'll fall in love with the program that you can sign-up and try it out for 30 days at no charge. If you don't want to continue after the trial, we simply part ways — no questions asked.

I’ve never trained with weights before. Is that okay?

Yes. I have been training beginners for over two decades, so you don’t need to worry! You’ll be in safe hands and I won’t push you to do any exercises you don’t feel comfortable with.

I always seem to quit after a while, will the same thing happen to me again?

While I can’t guarantee that you will decide to stay in the program, the odds are in your favor. This community has been built to improve your fitness and health over the long-term with a sustainable structure.

Can I choose to do the exercises at my local gym?

Absolutely. Feel free to complete the exercise circuits wherever you wish. You can watch my videos and listen to cues from your phone.

I don’t have equipment at home. Is that a problem?

No problem at all. I have a list of equipment you can buy for under $500 that will last you a lifetime. To put this in perspective, the upfront investment in equipment is less than a one-year gym membership.

Is this program available for both men and women?

Yes! Both men and women enjoy the program. The nutritional guidance will be different for men and women, however.

I don’t want the bodybuilder look. Is this still for me?

Rest assured, the exercise circuits in FIT40+ will not pack on a ton of muscle. The idea is to help you lose excess weight while toning your muscles.

Will I need to do any cardio exercise?

Yes, that is recommended. I do the weightlifting exercises with you because they are more technical and need to be done safely. Cardio exercises such as jogging or swimming can be done on your own.

Is 8020 just another diet?

No, it’s the opposite. 8020 offers busy professionals a flexible and easy way to approach healthy eating without having to avoid the foods you love.

I’m in okay shape. Is this program for me?

It still can be, yes, and here’s why — after the age of 30, you can lose 2-3% of your muscle mass per year. Training with weights helps you to maintain strength and muscle so that you can prevent lost performance and enjoy the hobbies you love in the years to come. 

What if I’m not sure it’s the right program for me?

Give me a call on 514-662-6097. That’s the best way to find out if we’re a good fit to work together.

Otherwise, feel free to text me or email Speak soon!


>>> Access the Fit 40+ program now - Try the training for 30 days for free

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